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John Nottingham and John Spirk are the most successful inventors you’ve never heard of, with a can’t-lose business model that would make Edison blush.

The closest thing in America to Thomas Edison’s New Jersey laboratory is a decommissioned Christian Science church in Cleveland. It’s here that John Nottingham, John Spirk and their team of 70 inventors, tinkerers and support staff have cooked up the Swiffer SweeperVac, Crest Spinbrush, Dirt Devil vacuum and nearly 1,000 other patented products. No, nothing as momentous as the lightbulb or the phonograph, but in their nearly anonymous way–even in Ohio, almost no one has heard of them–Nottingham and Spirk have proven themselves as good at making money as the Wizard of Menlo Park himself.

via The Invention Machine: Cleveland Duo Churns Out Ideas Worth Billions.

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